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How many types of insurance is there and how it works


The capital of any person his life and his life.  Death, when surrounded by the risk of disability, it is possible for a person or Bussness Man to suffer major loss.  For which people get insurance from a good insurance company.  So that the insurance company can self-help those people to deal with economic loss or diseases.  In the following article, we will learn about the following methods of insurance company.

 (1.) What is insurance?

 (2.) When and how does insurance                 work?

 (3.)  Life insurance

 (4.)  health insurance

 (5.) Car insurance

 (6.) Education insurance

 (7.) Home insurance

 (8.) Mobile insurance

  1. What is insurance?

Insurance is a company.  The insurance company gets the support of those people on their good and bad days when they are insured.  It is a legal understanding between two parties.  In which the insurance company provides this insurance to the insured person.  That the insurance company will help you in your good and bad day.

  2. How does insurance work?

The insurer and the insured receive a legal contract for insurance, called an insurance policy.  The insurance policy reads about those conditions and circumstances.  Under which the insurance company (insurer) will pay the sum assured to the insured person or nominee.  Insurance is the only good way for yourself and your family from financial loss.

  3. Life Insurance

Like all people, many people provide life insurance to keep their life safe.  And why life insurance is important.  You are the only person in your house.  Whose expenses your entire family runs.  So life insurance becomes very important for you.  Because under life insurance, the policyholder's family is financially compensated in the event of the policyholder expiring during the term of the policy.

  4. Health Insurance

 When you go to sick.  So health insurance is purchased to cover expensive treatment and expensive medical costs.  A variety of health insurance policies cover a range of illnesses and illnesses.  You can buy a general health insurance policy as well as a policy for specific diseases.  The premium paid for a health insurance policy usually covers the cost of treatment, hospitalization, and medication.

  5. What is car insurance?

Car insurance saves your compensation expenses in case of loss due to your car theft or snatching or any kind of disaster.  This is entirely your chosen.  Insurance depends on the policy.  There is a special insurance in car insurance.  Which is known as (zero depreciation car insurance).  This insurance helps you get maximum compensation of your car.  The car is insured on the value on its invoice.  So that no harm can be done.

 6. Home Insurance?

Every person has a dream.  He has his own house.  And just like you care about your life.  In the same way, the owner of the house wants to keep his home safe.  In such a situation there is a huge loss on your house due to a disaster.  So because of this a lot of people who own a house.  They insure the house and things under it.  The insurance company helps you at the time of loss.

7. Education Insurance?

Education insurance is one such insurance.  One who gives children money for their good education.  This is a kind of life insurance policy.  Which is specially designed as a saving tool.  When your child is over 18 years old.  And to study in college for higher education then you can use this insurance fund for your child's bright future.  Under this insurance, the child is the recipient of life assurance or funds, while the foster / legal guardian is the owner of the policy.

 8.Mobile insurance?

You all must have listened to many types of insurance policy till now.  In which an insurance is also for mobile phone.  Like if your mobile display is broken.  Or is lost.  Or it is stolen.  To avoid these things, people insure their mobile phones.  So that there is no loss of any kind with their mobile phones.  So by not compensating them for that loss, the insurance company gives them compensation.  There are different types of policy in mobile insurance.  Which depends more or less on the cost of money.

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